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“By using ProGlove we hope it helps us improve agility, comfort, and efficiency in our Assembling processes.”
Carlos Lerma MaquedaProduction Manager Assembly Ibiza and Arona, SEAT

SEAT and ProGlove are taking a step towards innovating the assembly line

Innovation, design, and vitality is what distinguishes the features of SEAT, a Spanish automobile manufacturer with its head office in Martorell, Barcelona. With more than 14,000 employees, the focus of SEAT is to keep moving forward in terms of innovation in the automobile industry.

ProGlove is used at SEAT’s Martorell Production facility, which is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. SEAT, along with ProGlove, is enhancing the worker’s capability by making the workplace more efficient by replacing the pistol scanner in their assembly line. With ProGlove, the workers can work hands-free, since the scanner is on the glove. The design and the usability help in saving 3.12 seconds per scan, improving the efficiency of not only the workers but also the assembly process.