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LTLS Document scanning on desk
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“We see the advantages, especially in process efficiency and in a more ergonomic way of material handling.”  
Dr. Harald KolbeHead of Digital Innovation, Lufthansa Technik Services

ProGlove is ready to take off

ProGlove meets aviation. Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS) takes its first step towards a digital warehouse in Munich with the help of ProGlove. Since 2018 they’ve been using ProGlove in the Check-In and Packing stations for aviation shipping and handling.

Since LTLS regularly scouts the industry for new technologies, they came across ProGlove last year and have been impressed by its advantages ever since. ProGlove’s smart wearables help to decrease mistakes and improve the process quality of LTLS by giving operators direct visual, acoustic, and haptic feedback on their working steps.

Furthermore, ProGlove greatly increases the efficiency of the shipping and handling done at LTLS due to the direct feedback given to the worker. By allowing the operator to move freely within his working station – without picking up an additional tool like the formerly used hand-scanners – Proglove enables an ergonomic handling of materials every day in the LTLS workplace.