Kuka Story – Living and Breathing Industry 4.0

Mark Scanning at KUKA
Hands-free Picking with ProGlove Mark
KUKA robotics
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“For us, the factory of the future is a smart factory – in other words, the human remains the focal point of operations and is supported by the robot. The cooperation between ProGlove and Kuka is an important step for us toward this factory of the future.”
Markus HirschmannHead of Logistic

Industrial automation moves the human worker to the center

As a worldwide leading supplier of intelligent automation solutions located in Augsburg, KUKA provides everything from industrial robots and cells to fully automated systems and logistics solutions. KUKA aims to support human-centered smart factories of the future. As a company with a huge focus on innovation, KUKA is working hand in hand with ProGlove to make their production of automation components more efficient.

KUKA already uses ProGlove in its incoming goods, Kanban assembly supply and shipping departments. Hands-free operation improves workers’ handling of different work steps in the assembly supply department.