IoT Con

Date: 14.03.2017 -

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Holiday Inn, Hochstraße 3, Munich


The Internet of Things concept is one of the most important technological innovation drivers in the era we live in. The Internet of Things Conference (IoTCon) brings together industry leaders that share their technical and innovative experience within their community. The conference offers a great variety of topics related to Design, Product Development and IoT-based Business Models.

In modern factories, human workers still outnumber robots 20:1. While this ratio will decline in the future, humans will still be a significant part of any factory due to their great flexibility in quickly moving on from one task to another and being able to help out throughout the factory where required. In order to achieve this, human workers must become an important part of the industrial internet of things and be seamlessly connected to the information processing systems of the factory and the decision makers behind them. Therefore, smart wearables such as e.g. gloves or glasses, will be key tools for future industry workers, by automatically documenting work results and receiving audio, visual and tactile feedback in real time, giving the worker the information they need at any point to do his job.