Industrie 4.0

Date: - 29.11.2017


Location: Rüschlikon


Industrie 4.0 – Smart Factory – Smart Company – Erfolgsfaktor 4.0

In the cycle of conferences ‘digital transformation’ powered by  Finanz und Wirtschafts Forum  the speakers talk about these subjects:


  • Efficiency, productivity and satisfaction: Improvements by digitization and new technologies
  • Vision of tomorrow’s work: Will robots help or replace us?
  • All smart: Is it smart? Artificial Intelligence, connectivity, cloud: advantages and pitfalls
  • Orientation: How do Swiss industrial companies react to the digitization?


Thomas Kirchner will join the cycle of conference with the topic ‘The glove that thinks’ at 2:40 pm at Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut, Rüschlikon.